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Butterfly Strategy in Options | Butterfly Option Strategy in Nifty, Bank Nifty | Implement Short Call, Long Call Butterfly Strategy with Example | Register Free Today !

With this guide, explore the secret of the butterfly strategy in options trading world. Learn how traders can benefit from implementing the strategy. Explore the types of Butterfly Option Strategy in Nifty and see how to use the Talkoptions to build a Butterfly Strategy in Nifty, Bank Nifty or any other underlying asset listed on NSE

Implement short call and long call butterfly option strategy with example
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Butterfly Strategy in Options Trading

Options trading is an area of the derivative market where a trader can make a profit even during a market downturn. However, that is possible only if you know the right strategy to apply at the right time. One such strategy used in options trading is the Butterfly strategy. In this article, we shall see what the butterfly Option strategy is, how traders benefit from it, and its different types.


Stay with us till the end of the article to know everything about butterfly strategy in options market. Before diving deeper, let us begin by understanding the meaning of the butterfly Option strategy in Nifty and Bank Nifty with example

What is the Butterfly Strategy ?

The butterfly option strategy is a multi-leg strategy in which a trader buy/sell multiple options contracts with the same expiry dates but with different strike prices. Traders try to make profit from the price difference by buying and selling them.


Butterfly strategy is a sophisticated options trading strategy generally utilized by experienced traders. It is best suited to apply when the market is moderately volatile.

How do Traders Benefit from the Butterfly Option Strategy ?

Implementing the butterfly strategy in options trading arsenal gives traders numerous advantages. This technique works like magic in the moderate volatility market.


Let us see how it is useful to the trader in detail:

1. Risk Management

One of the major benefits of applying the butterfly strategy is managing risk effectively. By strategically combining short and long positions, traders can build a strategy that limits losses and increases the chances of potential profit. This approach is also called a risk-controlled approach, as the trader knows the amount he might lose in any uncertain event.

2. Profit Potential

The butterfly option strategy offers traders ample opportunity to generate profit. Traders can use a unique risk-reward profile to capture the smallest gain from the underlying assets such as Nifty, bank Nifty, stocks price movement.

3. Versatility

Butterfly Strategy in Options trading offers versatility, meaning it allows traders to adapt to the different market conditions: bullish, bearish and neutral. Traders can customize their strategy according to the market outlook and underlying assets such as Nifty, bank Nifty, stocks, etc.

4. Reduced Capital Requirement

Unlike straddle positions, the butterfly Option strategy requires a low initial investment. By combining the short and long positions, traders can establish a good and profitable position. Low capital requirements make it accessible for broader market participants to employ it.

5. Enhanced Probability of Success

The well-thought-out structure of the butterfly strategy in options increases the chances of profitability. In this Butterfly Option Strategy, traders can gauge their potential profit and losses in advance. The disciplined approach to trading minimizes speculative guesswork and emphasizes data analysis, leading to more consistent results over time.

Implement short call and long call butterfly strategy in Options with example

How does the Butterfly Strategy Work ?

As we can see, the Butterfly Trading Strategy works by combining long and short positions. Traders establish a body with two short option positions and create wings with one long and one short position on each side. This way, they know their risk profile and can also gauge the profit, as it will be within that specific range.

Types of Butterfly Option Strategy

The Butterfly Strategy in Options primarily has two variations: the long call butterfly and the short call butterfly.


1. Long Call Butterfly


  • In a long call butterfly option strategy, traders simultaneously buy one call option at a lower strike price, sell two call options at a middle strike price, and buy one call option at a higher strike price.

  • This strategy is ideal for scenarios where the trader expects low price movement in the underlying asset, resulting in a profit if the asset's price remains within a specified range at expiration.

2. Short Call Butterfly

  • The short call butterfly strategy in options involves selling one call option at a lower strike price, buying two call options at a mid strike price, and selling one contract at a higher strike price.

  • This strategy is employed when the trader anticipates a significant decline in volatility or a neutral market outlook.

  • It generates profits if the underlying asset's price remains within a predetermined range until expiration.

How to Use a Butterfly Option Strategy to Make a Profit with Example ?

Let us take a Butterfly Option Strategy Example to understand how Butterfly Strategy in Nifty, Bank Nifty works.

Assuming that the Nifty is trading at ₹ 12,000, traders anticipate minimal movement in the price of Nifty.

Here, traders can implement the Butterfly Strategy in options by incorporating the following positions:


  • Sell two call options of ₹ 12,000

  • Buy one call option of ₹ 12,200

  • Buy one call option of ₹ 11,800

  • This creates a zone between 11,800 and 12,200. If the price remains within this zone, traders realize their profits.


In conclusion, the Butterfly Strategy in options trading offers traders a versatile approach to profit from stable or slightly volatile market conditions. Whether it's in the Nifty, Bank Nifty, or other assets, understanding this strategy's mechanics can empower traders to navigate various market scenarios effectively. Tools like a butterfly option strategy calculator can further enhance decision-making and optimize trading outcomes.

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