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For stock brokers & financial market websites

India's First

Options AnalysisPlatform

50+ Reports
Options search & options analysis

Our offerings

  • Search Results

  • Strategy Builder with Simulation

  • Option Chain, Heatmap+Builtup, Option Scans, Pivot Points, Arbitrage Screener

  • Market Pulse (19 Reports)

  • Special Options Analysis (7 Reports)

  • IV Analysis (4 Reports)

  • Intraday Analysis (5 Reports)

  • Other Special Reports (5 Reports)

  • Directional Strategy

  • Spreads (4 Screeners)

  • Straddle & Strangles (4 Screeners)

  • Butterfly Strategies (4 Screeners)

Partner with us

Gray Label
White Label
Live Feeds Websocket Integration
Trading API Integration
Login API Integration
Web App
Customized Android App
Mobile Responsive
Co-branding with talkoptions
Market Pulse Reports
Ready-made Strategy Screeners
Customized Strategy Builder
Options Search Engine
Options Analysis Reports
Theme Customization (Single colour with customized font)


Gray Label

₹ 3,00,000 /Month

(Quarterly Billing - Advanced)

Free Trades - 5,00,000/Month

Per Trade - ₹1.00 (After free trades)

First time integration cost
(Non Refundable)

White Label

₹ 7,50,000 /Month

(Quarterly Billing - Advanced)

Free Trades - 15,00,000/Month

Per Trade - ₹0.75 (After free trades)

First time integration cost
(Non Refundable)

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