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Unlock the power of the Open Interest Screener tool for real-time market data. Learn to analyze live open interest, spot trends and make informed trading decisions with a focus on NSE in India. Elevate your trading game today with a free tool

free change in open interest screener NSE India
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Mastering the Art of Trading with Open Interest Screener

In today's technological world, Indian traders base their decisions on the data obtained from various tools and software. One such tool that has gained a lot of attraction from the users is the live Open interest screener. In this article, we shall help you understand what a screener is, its benefits, how to analyze open interest data, and how it can be beneficial to understand market trends. We will also explore the change in open interest data analysis with reference to the India’s National stock Exchange - NSE.

What is an Open Interest Screener Tool ?

An Open interest screener tool is a robust analytical tool used by financial traders and investors in India. It is used to track the open interest value of the financial instruments, especially derivatives such as options and future contacts. This open interest is the number that reveals the total number of outstanding contracts for a specific underlying asset in a given timeframe. A live open interest screener offers the live market sentiment and also helps in gauging the potential price movements of the selected underlying asset.

Advantages of Using the Open Interest Screener Tool

1. Real-time data : open interest screener India offers live market data, which can be very valuable in making quick decisions in the ever-fluctuating market.

2. Market sentiment analysis : with the help of any change in open interest screener, traders can gauge if the market is bullish or bearish and can implement better strategies.

3. Helps in spotting the reversal in trend : A significant change in open interest values can indicate potential reversals in the trend. This information is used to anticipate the next move and react to the market shifts accordingly.

4. Provides insights about options trading in the NSE market : The live data provided by the open interest screener India is very beneficial to option traders. It helps them identify the crucial strike prices and suggests the concentration of the prices; accordingly, they can trade.

5. Help in managing the Risk : when traders are aware of the market sentiments, market nature, and potential price movements, they can better manage the risk.

Live open interest data NSE - Free tool for option trading

How to Analyze the Open Interest Values Using the Live Open Interest Screener India

There are several key steps to analyze the open interest using various free and paid tools. Let's have a look at them


1. Choose the financial instruments

Select the financial instruments from the NSE website you would like to analyze, such as a stock, commodity, index, etc.

2. Set the time frame

After selecting the instrument, you need to select the time frame for which you need to analyze the live open interest. You can choose daily, weekly, or intraday time frames.

3. Identify the trends

Now, observe the trend of the instrument with Open Interest Screener. Whether it is increasing, decreasing, or relatively stable!?

4. Compare the price movement

Now, correlate the change in open interest values with the price movement of the underlying asset and see whether they align or differ.

5. Understand the market sentiment

Based on the comparison made, try to understand the market sentiment, whether traders are bullish or bearish.

6. Use technical analysis

In options trading, you cannot rely your decisions on any one tool; thus, you must use the technical analysis to support the open interest Screener.

How Open Interest Charts are Useful for the Traders

The Open interest live charts can prove to be very valuable assets to traders; let us check out in what ways they can be utilized.


1. Trend confirmation

The open interest screener charts of NSE India confirm the existing market trends. When the OI rises along with the rise in the price of the underlying asset, it suggests strength in its trend; on the other hand, when the OI value falls, it shows a weak trend.


2. Detects divergence

Traders can identify the potential trend reversals by observing the divergence between the price of the underlying asset and Open interest. Example: If the price of the underlying asset rises while open interest falls, it indicates a reversal in the trend.


3. Option trading strategies

With the help of live OI charts, traders can evaluate many factors such as key strike price, support and resistance levels, etc, which helps them build strong options trading strategies.


4. Volatility Insights

The change in OI offers valuable insights about the volatility in the market. Sudden spikes or falls in the price trends helps in gauging the volatility of the underlying asset.

Change in Open Interest Screener Data Analysis with Open Interest Analysis Tool

Change in open interest live data is a crucial element in the trader's toolkit. The Open Interest Screener allows traders to monitor changes in open interest, providing insights into market dynamics. In India, particularly in the NSE, the significance of this data cannot be overstated. As it helps in below things


  • To make Intraday strategies

  • To identify the earning seasons

  • Helps in event-driven trading (like AGM, announcements, etc)

  • It helps in making hedging decisions


In conclusion, the live Open Interest Screener is a valuable open interest analysis tool for options traders in India, regardless of their experience in this field. It can be a game changer in such a rapidly changing financial world.

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