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Option Chain Screener | NSE Option Chain Scanner India Help Traders to Analyse the Live Option Chain Data and Make informed Trading Decisions | Register Free Today !

Learn how a live NSE Option Chain Screener simplifies options analysis for traders, aiding in smart and efficient decision-making in India. Explore the benefits of navigating the options market effectively, enhancing your investment journey by understanding the interpretation of the option chain table

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What is an Option Chain Screener ?

An Option chain screener is a powerful tool used by options traders and investors. The tool is used to filter the huge pool of options contracts available for a specific underlying asset or Nifty. With this tool, they can find a comprehensive view of all the calls and put options contracts with their varying price and expiry dates.


By using the NSE option chain scanner, Nifty traders and investors can easily gauge the market sentiment, identify potentially profitable opportunities and create robust trading and investing strategies. 

How can Traders Use an Option Chain Screener ?

An Live Option Chain Scanner helps traders by offering a well-organised view of available options contracts of the selected underlying asset/Nifty in the options market. Traders can employ this for :

1. Identify the current trends and patterns

By carefully examining the option chain data using option chain screener, traders can identify the current trends and patterns in the options pricing, implied volatility, volumes being traded and much more. With this NSE data chain, they can evaluate the market sentiment and future price movements and base their decisions.

2. Helps in choosing the optimal strikes and expiry

Traders can use the live NSE Option Chain Screener for Nifty in India to select the most suitable strike price and the expiry date depending on their financial objective, risk tolerance limit and market scenario.

3. Traders can evaluate the Open Interest and Volume of the underlying asset

Monitoring the Open interest and trading volume helps Nifty traders to know the level of interest in options and will also indicate the potential breakouts and breakdown points.

live option chain screener NSE India

How to Analyse Option Chain Using Live Option Chain Screener Tool ?

Analysing the option chain using the live option chain screener needs a systematic approach. You need to understand and interpret the available data. Check the below pointers to analyse the live data NSE effectively :

1. Knowledge of basic

In order to analyse the Live Option Chain Screener data, you must be familiar with terminology and components of the option chain table, such as strike price, expiry dates, call and put options, volatility, implied volatility, open interest, net change, volume, Last traded price, etc.

2. Filters and customise

Every screener has their own set of filters, so learn the filters available in your Scanner and how to customise them according to your criteria. You can filter them based on a range of strike prices, expiry duration, trading volumes, level of implied volatility, etc. 

3. Analyse live option chain data

After applying all the custom filters based on your requirements, you need to evaluate the changes in each parameter carefully: volume, OI, volatility, etc. using Talkoption’s Option Chain Screener tool, these changes will offer you insight into the potential market activities to decide whether it is profitable or not.

How to Interpret Option Chain Data ?

Interpreting an option chain involves making sense of the huge amount of data presented. Refer below the key aspects to consider in interpreting the option chain using Talkoption’s Option Chain Screener tool in India


  • Implied Volatility Insights

Implied volatility reflects market expectations of future price fluctuations. Higher implied volatility often suggests increased uncertainty or potential for larger price swings and vice versa.


  • Open Interest and Volume

High open interest and trading volume in a particular option contract can signify strong market interest and potential price significance at that strike.

Benefits of Using NSE Live Option Chain Scanner in India

This Option Chain Screener tool offers a range of benefits to traders and investors; please find the list below :


1. Efficient Decision Making

The easy-to-understand and user-friendly format helps the decision-making process smooth and saves a lot of time and effort for traders.

2. Enhances the market understanding

The tool offers a holistic view of the market, including the market sentiment current and potential trading activities, which gives traders an in-depth market understanding.

3. Custom strategies

With the help of live data received from the option chain scanner, traders in India can customise their strategies in a more precise and strategic manner.


Lastly, in conclusion, an NSE option chain screener is a valuable tool for traders that helps them navigate through the complex options market. By effectively utilising this scanner tool, Nifty traders can unlock an abundance of opportunities and optimise their trading strategies, resulting in profit.

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