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Put Call Ratio Chart Live | Nifty, Bank Nifty Put Call Ratio (PCR) Live Chart NSE | PCR Ratio Chart, Graph NSE India | Register Free Today!

Gain valuable insights about the market sentiment by studying the put call ratio chart. Also, learn how traders use the NSE PCR live charts to identify the trends and potential reversals and make informed, data-driven decisions. Check the importance of put call ratio graph analysis while dealing with Nifty and Bank Nifty derivatives at NSE, India

nifty pcr ratio live chart and graph
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Put Call Ratio Insights : Exploring Nifty and Bank Nifty Trends on NSE India

The Put call ratio, also known as the PCR chart or graph, is a useful tool for the Indian traders. It helps them gauge the overall market sentiment and predict the next move of the underlying asset, whether it may be Nifty or Bank Nifty. A proper and clear understanding of the put call ratio graph will help traders gain valuable insights into market dynamics, and based on that, traders can make informed investment decisions. In this article, we shall learn how to analyze the put call ratio chart, its significance in the market and how traders can benefit from these live chart values.

How to Analyze the Put Call Ratio Chart and Graph ?

The NSE PCR live Chart represents the relationship between the number of put options contracts and call options contracts traded on the Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE). Its value is obtained by dividing the total number of outstanding put option contacts by the total number of call options contracts. When the PCR value is high, it suggests bearish sentiment, meaning investors are buying more of the put options contract than call options. On the other hand, when the PCR value is low, it suggests bullish market sentiment, meaning investors tend to buy more of the call options for potential gains from the upside movement in the underlying asset.


Traders analyze this put call ratio chart to identify the potential turning points in the asset's trends. A significant change in the PCR value can suggest a shift in the Nifty and Bank Nifty prices. However, traders can also analyze historical data in graph to gauge the patterns and trends to make sound decisions.

How do Traders Benefit from Analyzing Put Call Ratio Graph ?

Traders can get various benefits by analyzing the PCR chart or graph. Let us see what they are :

  • It provides insights about market sentiment, through which they can predict the next market movement.

  • Based on such data, they can build strong and loss-proof strategies.

  • Its value helps them identify the potential support and resistance levels

  • On the Talkoptions Put call ratio graph analyzer, traders can find scrip-wise analysis, PCR of stocks, PCR of the index, and many other custom filters.

  • Lastly, it helps traders to determine the best entry and exit points for their trade.

bank nifty pcr chart nse india - pcr ratio live graph

How to Read or Interpret the Put Call Ratio Chart ?

The interpretation of the Put call ratio graph is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge or skills. One can remember the following pointers to interpret the put call ratio chart or graph


  • When the value of PCR is greater than 1, it indicates the market is bearish, and traders are buying more put options.

  • When the value of the PCR is equal to 1 it means, the number of outstanding put options is equal to the number of call options.

  • When the ratio values come to less than 1, it indicates bullish market sentiment and suggests investors are buying more call options.

How to use Put Call Ratio chart to Gauge Market Sentiment

Traders dealing with Nifty and Bank Nifty widely use this tool to strengthen their strategy. For example, if the technical indicator suggests a bullish trend, and PCR suggests a bearish trend, it may create doubt in the trader's mind, but if both the values are the same, it builds confidence in the trader's mind. Additionally, the analysis of put call ratio chart or graph can act as a contrarian indicator, as extreme readings often precede market reversals.

Significance of the Put Call Ratio and Chart Analysis

Market sentiments :- The importance of the call put ratio lies in its ability to reflect real-time sentiment. The real-time data of put call ratio graph helps them modify the strategy if needed.


Contrarian market :- the NSE put call ratio chart helps identify the reversals in the trends when the ratio reaches extreme levels.


Overbought and oversold :- with the help of PCR ratio value, traders can identify the overbought and oversold contacts and accordingly modify the positions in the strategy.


Quantitative measure :- The PCR value provides a quantitative measure of the market sentiment.


This holistic approach enables traders to make data-driven decisions, reduces the chance of loss, and keeps the emotional bias away from trading.


Lastly, to conclude the article, the put call ratio Graph is a valuable tool for traders trying to understand the market sentiment and analysis of put call ratio chart also helpful for those who are dealing in Nifty and Bank Nifty instruments on NSE India.

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