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What is SGX nifty to gift nifty and how to trade gift nifty in India - trading time at gift city nifty and live chart

SGX Nifty is now Gift Nifty!

GIFT Nifty : Transforming India's Financial Sector with International Integration

GIFT Nifty stands for Gujarat International Finance Tec-City. GIFT  City Nifty is the first cross-border initiative connecting the two economic markets and offering global opportunities. It is an old SGX product launched with the new package of GIFT Nifty. The SGX NIFTY contracts traded on the Singapore exchange are traded on NSE IX at Gandhinagar from 3rd July onward.

What is Gift Nifty?

GIFT Nifty is a new financial product through which traders can trade options and futures contracts. All the current positions worth $7.5 Billion have been shifted to NSE IX from the Singapore exchange. The Singapore exchange authorities have developed a special-purpose vehicle for effective transition. The transition is happening after the necessary approvals from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the International Financial Services Center Authority (IFSCA). GIFT Nifty can be used for taking positions or to hedge your capital against uncertain risks.


GIFT Nifty attracts and benefits from many sectors, such as banking, asset management, IT, Biotechnology, nanotechnology, health care, insurance,  tourism, and more.

How to Trade Gift Nifty in India

As the servers have remained the same, and most of the procedures for taking the positions are the same as earlier, there is nothing new to learn in how to trade the GIFT Nifty using gift nifty chart in India. The trading pattern stays the same. However, Indian retailers are not allowed to trade GIFT Nifty as of now because GIFT Nifty falls under the Sez, and according to the NSE policy of Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), Indian retailers are not welcome to partake.

Extended GIFT  Nifty Trading Time

The GIFT Nifty contracts can be traded in two different time slots and will be accessible to almost everyone because it will stay up for 21 hours. The first time slot to trade GIFTY Nifty is from morning 6:30 to 3:40 afternoon, and the second time slot starts from 4:35 in the evening till 2:45 am past midnight. The SGX contracts used to trade only for 16 hours, while the GIFT Nifty trading time is for 21 hours. This will allow a bigger time frame to enable the market to experience swings, allowing some extra trading time for traders to make rational and profitable position

SGX nifty to gift nifty trading time and live chart

Using  the Gift Nifty Live Charts

To make informed decisions, it is necessary to have access to the live gift nifty chart of GIFT Nifty. GIFT Nifty live charts help provide historical trends, technical indicators, and more. It has been decided that the trading will occur in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, and the executed contracts will be cleared via the Singapore exchange. As per the reports, 50+ GIFT Nifty brokers are permitted to trade GIFT Nifty for themselves and on behalf of their clients.

Any Significant Benefits to Investors and Retail Traders in India

For the retail Traders and investors, there is not much change. We say consider it as a migration from one stock exchange to another. As stated earlier, investors can ask licensed brokers and trade in GIFT Nifty. Through investing in GIFT Nifty, investors can diversify their portfolio in the Indian Equity market, can hedge their positions, enjoy liquidity and flexibility, and improve accessibility to the global market. GIFT Nifty live charts provide many technical indicators and latest trands which will help traders in many ways.


The emergence of GIFT Nifty offers attractive choices via four different products under its umbrella to access the fixed-income market. It has opened new avenues for investment and risk management. But as we always suggest, you should conduct thorough research as GIFT Nifty is a new product in the market. By adequately allocating the funds and leveraging the potential of Gift City Nifty, traders can achieve their desired financial goals without worrying much about taxes. GIFT City Nifty, being traded on Sez, has got various types of tax exemptions, but there will be brokerage fees and commissions upon trading in GIFT Nifty SGX

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