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Discover the comprehensive guide to the Nifty and Bank Nifty straddle option strategy, learn how to analyse straddle chain and its benefits in the market, how to create one and add it to the portfolio, and maximise your returns by leveraging the best long straddle and short straddle strategy

Build short, long straddle option strategy for Nifty, Bank Nifty
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The Comprehensive Guide to Straddle Option Strategy

In the options trading world, having the right strategy at hand can bring profits to the portfolio. One strategy that can make profits in the volatile market is the straddle option strategy. In this guide today, we shall be covering the features and benefits of the nifty, bank nifty straddle strategy. Further, we shall see how to create straddle chain and interpret straddle positions, along with a practical example of Nifty and Bank Nifty indices. Whether you want to create a long straddle or a short straddle, this guide will help you in your decision-making process. Let us start with understanding what a straddle chain option strategy is.

What is a Straddle Chain ?

A straddle chain refers to the listing of all possible long straddle or a short straddle positions for a specific underlying asset at different strike prices. It offers a complete picture of call and put options available for each strike price. This data allows trades to select the most suitable long or short straddle option strategy for their trading.

How to Interpret Straddle Chain

To interpret a straddle chain, one must analyse and study the listed strike price, applicable premiums, and expiry dates of the contracts. By comparing the premiums and time value, traders can identify the best opportunities to implement the most profitable long straddle and short straddle positions by creating straddle option strategy

Features and Benefits of Straddle Chain

What is a Straddle Options Strategy ?

A straddle option strategy involves purchasing and selling a call and put option with the same strike price and expiry date. Regardless of the market trend, a trader can profit significantly if the price moves in either direction. There are generally two types of straddle strategy: long straddle and short straddle.

There are various benefits of straddle chain to a trader, a few of them are listed below:


1. Profit from Volatility

The straddle option strategy can benefit from price movements in either direction, making it best for volatile markets. Whether the market moves up or down, traders profit.


2. Limited Risk

In the straddle option strategy, the risk is limited to the total premium paid for the call and put options. This predefined risk helps traders manage potential losses.


3. Neutral Market position

It is not necessary to have a directional bias; traders can remain market-neutral and still profit.


4. Flexibility

Straddle chain offer the flexibility to choose strike prices and expiry dates, which allows traders to tailor the strategy according to market conditions and their personal choices.


5. Hedging Tool

long straddle and short straddle options are very useful as a hedging tool to protect the current position against high price swings. This becomes even more useful for highly volatile assets such as Nifty and Bank Nifty.


6. Enhanced Decision Making

It offers a detailed view of all the available options, allowing traders to make well-informed decisions about employing the strategy.


7. Market Insights

Analyzing the straddle chain can provide valuable insights into the overall market sentiment and expected volatility. straddle strategy helps traders gauge market movements and make necessary modifications.

straddle price calculator - build best nifty, bank nifty straddle strategy

Types of Straddle Chain Option Strategy

As discussed above, there are two main types of straddle option strategies: long straddle and short straddle


1. Long Straddle Option Strategy


The long straddle option strategy involves buying a call and put option at the same strike price. The objective is to profit from either direction. The max loss is limited to the total premium paid for buying the option contracts, whereas the potential to profit is unlimited.


2. Short Straddle Option Strategy


The short straddle option strategy involves selling both call and put options at the same strike price. Here, the objective is to profit from the minimal price movements. If the asset remains close to the strike price, both contracts will expire worthless. The maximum profit is the total premium received by selling the contracts, whereas the potential loss can be unlimited.

How to Create a Straddle Option Strategy

Though creating a straddle option strategy and analyze straddle chain requires a deep market understanding, but straddle strategy can be created using the following simple steps:


1. Identify the underlying asset - choose any asset with high volatility potential, such as the Nifty or bank Nifty indices.

2. Select the strike price - choose the strike price close to the current market price of your selected underlying asset.

3. Buy or sell options - to create a long straddle, buy the call and put options, and to create a short straddle, sell the call and put option at the same strike price.

4. Monitor the market - keep an eye on the market conditions and adjust your straddle option strategy based on the market movements.

How to Add Straddle Position in Portfolio

Nowadays, it is very simple to add a long position and a short position to your portfolio using algorithmic trading and advanced tools.


  • As the first step, analyze the straddle chain or straddle chart  to find the best strike price and expiry date or time value.

  • Next, execute the trade and place the order of buy/sell as per the market conditions.

  • Monitor the market and adjust your long or short straddle position to gain maximum returns on your investments.

Straddle Option Strategy Example

Let us consider an example using the Nifty Index


  • The current price of the Nifty: 15000

  • Strike price: 15000

  • The premium for the Call option ₹200

  • The premium for the Put option: ₹150


To build a long straddle option strategy, traders need to buy the options contracts.

Thus, the total premium paid will be ₹350 (₹200 for call + ₹150 for put)

If the price of the Nifty moves to ₹15,500, the profit will be as follow:


Profit = Call Option Value - Total Premium Paid

₹500 - ₹350 = ₹150


For Building a short straddle option strategy, traders need to sell the options, thus total premium received  = ₹350 (₹200 for call + ₹150 for put)

Now, if the price of Nifty does not change, the contracts will expire worthless, and the total profit received will be equal to the total option premium received.


Profit = Total Premium Received = ₹350


The straddle option strategy is one of the best tools in the traders' bucket, suitable for various market conditions. Whether long straddle or short straddle, traders who know how to implement the straddle chain can optimise their positions and perform better. Also, there are now Straddle price calculators available in the market that help traders determine whether the strategy is profitable or not.


Using the best tools, such as straddle price calculators, and focusing on highly volatile assets such as Nifty and Bank Nifty can increase the effectiveness of these strategies, making them the best straddle strategy among many.

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