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Explore the importance of using the Put Call Ratio calculator for analysis in options trading. Check the method of calculation, features, benefits, and importance of the PCR ratio calculator in the Nifty or Bank Nifty market. Also, see how it influences the market sentiment and offers insights about potential market movements

pcr calculator nifty, bank nifty
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Put Call Ratio Calculator : Understanding, Analysis and Interpretation

It is said that - The better the analysis, the better the results. To achieve better results in the Indian NSE stock market, one must have effective tools, such as online calculators, reports analyzers, etc. Traders dealing with the derivative market and dealing with Options contracts as their underlying asset rely on one most important ratio, which is the PCR - Put call ratio, which can be obtained using the put call ratio calculator. In this article, we shall see what a put call ratio is, how to interpret it, and what are the features and benefits of a PCR ratio calculator using NSE data in the Nifty or Bank Nifty market


Let us start with understanding what the put call ratio is, and then we shall move forward.

What is the Put Call Ratio ?

Put call ratio is a metric generally used in options trading to analyze the relationship between the number of put options compared to the number of call options of a specific underlying asset in a given timeframe. The PCR ratio is received by dividing the total number of outstanding put options contracts by the total number of outstanding call options which can be calculate using put call ratio calculator. The results gained by dividing this value help traders know about the market sentiment, whether it is bearish or bullish. Further, it also helps in identifying the direction of potential market shifts.

Importance of Put Call Ratio Analysis for Traders

Put call ratio analysis value holds immense importance for options traders across various markets, such as Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc. By monitoring the values of the put call ratio analysis, traders can have valuable market insights about NSE PCR data. It helps traders in many other ways, too, as shown below:


  • Helps identify the market sentiment: The put call ratio calculator provides the complete picture of overall market sentiment and gives an idea of whether the market is bearish or bullish.

  • Works as a contrarian indicator: The PCR ratio calculator also works as a contrarian indicator. When the value reaches its extreme, it helps to identify reversal trends in the stock market.

  • Overbought and Oversold signals: The put call ratio calculator NSE helps traders identify overbought and oversold contracts and adjust their strategies accordingly.

nifty, bank nifty (pcr) put call ratio calculator NSE

How to Calculate the Put Call Ratio ?

Calculating the put call ratio is very simple; you do not need to do heavy math. Traders simply divide the total number of outstanding put options by the total number of outstanding call options. 


If traders do not want to calculate it manually, they can use the put call ratio calculator available online and on your broker's website. This PCR ratio calculator streamlines the computation process, as it automatically gathers the relevant NSE PCR data and offers real-time results. Whether analyzing the Nifty or Bank Nifty, this PCR ratio calculator NSE offers accurate results for the Indian stock market.

Interpretation of Put Call Ratio Calculator with Example

Let us say a trader named Mr. Joshi wants to analyze the market sentiment using the put call ratio calculator NSE. Now let's assume the total number of outstanding put contracts is 1300 and call contracts are 1500


Then, by putting them in the formula :

  • We get - PCR = 1300 (Put OI) / 1500 (Call Ol) = 0.87

  • As we can see, the PCR is below 1, which indicates a bullish market.

  • In simpler terms, traders are expecting the price of the underlying asset to rise.

  • On the other hand, if the PCR values are above 1, it means traders are buying more options, indicating a bearish market sentiment.

Features and Benefits of Put Call Ratio Analysis Tool

Talkoption’s put call ratio calculator offers several features and benefits as listed below :


1. Real-time Insights : PCR ratio calculator provide real-time NSE PCR data, allowing traders to stay updated with evolving market conditions.

2. Customization Options : Traders can often modify a few parameters according to their trading preferences and strategies.

3. Historical Data Analysis : Many Put Call Ratio Calculators offer historical NSE data analysis, enabling traders to identify trends and patterns over time.

4. Enhanced Decision Making : By integrating Put Call Ratio analysis into their trading strategies, traders can make more informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

5.   Get the scrip-wise analysis and PCR value of stocks, Nifty, bank Nifty, and stocks, too.


Lastly, to conclude the article, we would say that the Put call ratio calculator plays an important role in decision-making in the Indian NSE Nifty, bank Nifty Market. Utilizing the PCR ratio calculators in trading style empowers traders to effectively calculate and interpret the metric to gain valuable market insights, thereby allowing them to adjust their position if needed.

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