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Optimize your trading strategy using the put call ratio screener tool with Talkoption's advanced PCR ratio screener. Analyse market sentiment, identify profitable trading opportunities and stay one step ahead in the market with Talkoption's PCR software or screener

PCR ratio screener - PCR data analysis software free
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Optimize Your Trading Strategy Using A Put Call Ratio Screener Tool

Access to real-time data is crucial in the vast world of options trading. Among many metrics, tools, various indicators, and analyses, the PCR or Nifty, Bank Nifty put call ratio is a key indicator. It offers valuable insights about market sentiment and potential price movements. Stay with us until the end of the article, as we will explore the importance and benefits of the put call ratio screener. We shall also check the free PCR software used to analyze this value and how it can be used to optimize your trading strategy.


Before moving ahead with understanding the PCR Stock Screener, let us begin by understanding what is PCR ratio screener

What is the Put Call Ratio ?

Put call ratio, if explained simply, is a financial metric that measures the ratio of total put options traded to total call options traded in the given timeframe. put call ratio screener serves as a tool to gauge whether the market is bearish or bullish for the selected underlying asset.


A small guide to understanding the put call ratio analysis :

  • Analyzing the Nifty, Bank Nifty PCR using PCR ratio screener involves studying the trends over time, comparing the current ratio with the historical averages, and checking their divergence from typical patterns.

  • Put Call Ratio Screener can be used as a contrarian indicator software that considers extreme readings of market reversals.

  • The PCR value can provide insights into the selected underlying asset's potential support and resistance levels.

  • A high PCR indicates that the market is bearish, meaning traders are buying more put contracts to protect themselves from a downfall.

  • A low PCR indicates bullish market sentiment, meaning people are optimistic about the price hike and, therefore, buying call options for the upside gains.

Introducing the Put Call Ratio Screener

A put call ratio screener is a tool used by investors and traders in the options market to analyze and track the put call ratio for various stocks, indices, or other financial instruments. The PCR ratio is calculated by dividing the total volume of put options traded by the total volume of call options traded within a specific time frame.


A PCR Ratio Screener allows users to filter and identify stocks or indices with unusually high or low put call ratios compared to historical averages or other benchmarks. This can help traders to identify potential trading opportunities or gauge market sentiment towards specific assets.

put call ratio screener - free PCR stock screener or software

Features and Benefits of Put Call Ratio Screener

  • Using the Nifty, Bank Nifty Put Call Ratio Screener enhances the analytical efficiency and allows traders to filter the stocks based on specific criteria.

  • The usage of the  using  saves traders a lot of time and effort.

  • PCR Data Analysis software helps traders to know whether the market is bearish, bullish, or neutral.

  • It also offers a scripwise analysis of the underlying asset.

  • Advance PCR Data Analysis Software offers customizable features and real-time data updates, empowering traders with actionable insights.

How to Read and Interpret Put Call Ratio 

  • Reading a Put Call Ratio chart from the screener involves analyzing the  PCR values plotted over a specific timeframe; it can be daily or weekly.

  • The Nifty, Bank Nifty Put Call Ratio Screener visually represents the market's flow of money or interest.

  • In addition, the PCR Ratio Screener helps identify significant trends in the overall market sentiment. 

  • A rise in the PCR value suggests the fear of a downturn in the market; conversely, a decline in the PCR value suggests enthusiasm towards that stock.

  • However, it's essential to consider other factors affecting your trading strategy, such as volume, open interest, volatility, implied volatility, etc.

Importance of Put Call Ratio Screener Tool

  • In today's rapidly growing trading environment, having access to tools such as PCR Data Analysis Software is crucial.

  • Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, such tools or software always help refine your trading strategy.

  • By effectively leveraging the Power of PCR screener software, traders can get an extra edge in navigating the complex ocean of options.


In conclusion, the PCR ratio screener is an important tool for options traders, offering valuable insights into market sentiment and potential price movements. By harnessing the capabilities of PCR screener tools and PCR software, traders can streamline their analysis process, identify profitable trading opportunities, and make informed investing decisions. Whether tracking the Nifty, Bank Nifty Put Call Ratio screener or exploring PCR stock screeners, integrating Put Call Ratio analysis into your trading strategy can enhance your overall success. Remember, the right knowledge and careful interpretation are key to unlocking the full potential of Put Call Ratio analysis. Open free account today for analysis in details.

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